Life After Law Enforcement… A Blog Providing Insight to Law Enforcement Professionals

I recently wrote a blog on Pinkerton’s website on transitioning from law enforcement to the corporate / private security sector 

I received a few comments on the blog but a lot of people emailed me with questions directly.  After trying to answer all the inquiries I figured I should try my hand at blogging on the topic of “Life After Law Enforcement” and hopefully we’ll build enough content to give law enforcement professionals thinking of leaving their careers to pursue a corporate security role.

6 thoughts on “Life After Law Enforcement… A Blog Providing Insight to Law Enforcement Professionals

  1. Brain, reading yr blog was interesting as I have experienced ‘almost’ the same as you have, only difference is I have 2 kids and am an Aussie, but its almost a mirror image.
    Positivity in a negative atmosphere (policing in general) was always the biggest challenge for those around me, but luckily I was the eternal optimist and did exactly what you suggested – planning 5 yrs from retirement.

    I now work for one of the Top 10 Oil & Gas in the world (also an OPEC member) as a security advisor and couldn’t be happier for making the transition. Yes, there have been sacrifices along the way, but then again “life isn’t always fair,” but you can reap the benefits in other ways (and I don’t mean just monetary).


    1. Thanks for your note Peter as I know it’ll be inspirational for others thinking about the transition. I have a few NSW Detectives on my team (one left to take an awesome job with an Aussie sports team and we remain good friends). If you’re able to really understand that life isn’t fair and you’re not thinking as a victim and “woe is me” then you’re able to work in challenging situations and recognize the right opportunities. All the best Mate!

      Brian Tuskan


      1. Thanks Brian. The party that got me down in ‘the job’ was dealing with those that felt they were victims, but the world is full of different types and I’m okay with that.
        I was based in South Aust & now live in the Middle East and absolutely love my job & the people around me.
        Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your blogs and guidance. I am also experiencing that mid-career crisis but for me, it was forced ( I am about to sound like THAT guy) we all met. After 11 years of being in law enforcement, I was asked to admit to doing things during an investigation that I did not do.

    I mention that for two reasons: First, leaving Law Enforcement was not by choice, and second, my reputation with other officers is awesome but with administrators…not so much. To make a long story short, I have a Masters Degree in Law Enforcement administration and I have done just about everything (special unit) wise that law enforcement has to offer. Yet, I am stuck making $16.00 an hour with no paid leave or retirement benefits as a non-sworn investigator for the state as I am finding it difficult to even meet minimum qualifications in the corporate world.

    As much as I would love to, I am not in the position to return back to school. Although, I very much desire to return to law enforcement one day, at this point, I just want to get back to a decent standard of living for my family. I understand you are not receiving any more clients right now, but am seeking guidance. Thanks. Be safe.


    1. Rob – see my latest blog and the importance of reputation and networking. If your reputation requires some work, it may take some time. Be genuine and honest about your situation when talking about it with anyone and you’d be surprised at how many people want to champion folks and give 2nd chances. I don’t have the bandwidth to coach anymore because the demand was so great I’ve decided to blog about my experiences to help many people. I hope to have more content in the near future. All the best. Brian


  3. I am looking for a business partner with a law enforcement or intelligence experience. Former fraud investigators, FBI and intelligence agents are all welcome. The prospective atoner must be from the USA or UK. My company is a small firm that is focused on due diligence information gathering about subjects originating from Russia and generally the post-Soviet domain and fraud investigations


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