Guest Blog – Police Muscle

My friend Josh at Police Muscle asked if I would answer a few questions on transitioning to the corporate sector: Cop to Corporate Life Have you ever thought what it would look like to work in the corporate world? Have you ever wondered how your skills translate outside of law enforcement? I know I’ve asked myself […]

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Resume Recommendations

Most police departments do not require a resume for sworn officers when applying for another position or specialty unit.  If they do, the resume encompasses the officer’s entire body of work which usually requires multiple pages listing everything they did since the beginning of time. Many that I’ve coached will send me their resume that’s […]

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Attention Law Enforcement Pros! Are You Dealing with a Mid-Career Crisis?

In today’s world, it’s very challenging to be in law enforcement.  Many Law Enforcement professionals – especially at mid-career – are seriously thinking of a change.  This blog is to spark conversation about the pros and cons of changing careers to different law enforcement agencies or leaving all together.  A career change is a big decision to make […]

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Life After Law Enforcement… A Blog Providing Insight to Law Enforcement Professionals

I recently wrote a blog on Pinkerton’s website on transitioning from law enforcement to the corporate / private security sector  I received a few comments on the blog but a lot of people emailed me with questions directly.  After trying to answer all the inquiries I figured I should try my hand at blogging on the topic […]

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